iOS and Android App Design

Drafting guidelines and templates for an array of app developers.

Cisco Application Guidelines

To help Cisco guide its many app developers create a consistent look and feel between their disparate apps for Android and iOS, I created a kit of Photoshop assets and helped write guidelines explaining the recommended do’s and don’ts of Cisco’s visual language.

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  • Skills:
    • Visual Design
    • Art Direction
    • Application Design
    • User Experience Design
    • Guideline Writing


I created several templates for iOS and Android that focused on atomic elements like buttons, icons and the overall typography. Working upward I also created more molecular elements like tab bars, nav bars, list views, and product descriptions.

Those templates served several purposes:

  • Several example screens built from the templates were used as illustrations in the projects guidelines book.
  • The templates became a helpful deliverable for developers to understand all the components they had at their disposal; components could be combined in hundreds of different ways to create new screens.
  • The templates also evolved into many screen examples; launch screens, sign-in screens, product screens, etc.

Templates were available in two widths: small (smart phones) and medium (tablet).

Guidelines for Variation and Consistency

Several color themes were crafted to add an element of variety in a project that was otherwise about being consistent. The guidelines I helped to author reinforced that mixing themes was not allowed. Those guidelines also included art direction for spacing, element size; font use, iconography and photography.


Cisco owns a large, ever-growing and evolving icon library. To make sure app developers use the same icons between apps (and be consistent about it) I helped to create a matrix of icons outlining use and location; navigation bar, tab bar, or toolbar.