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Hello from Roanoke, VA

I’m a UX interaction designer with a talent for visual design. Currently, I work for GE Digital in the IIoT space (Industrial Internet of Things). From data analysis to dashboards, I help analysts monitor a variety of physical assets (think: planes, trains and power plants) by designing digital interfaces that support an array of complex data visualizations based on asset output. I do this with the help of some extremely talented developers and product experts.

Since 2001, I’ve worked in-person and remotely with non-profits, startups, agencies and corporations. I draw. I prototype. I facilitate design discussions. I’ve collaborated on design systems and contributed to their component libraries. And yes, I definitely work closely with developers. I’ve also worn the public speaker hat a few times having talked about visual design method at venues like Refresh DC and UXCamp DC.

Currently, I’m not taking freelance projects; my day job keeps me pretty busy. That said, my door is always open for questions, help in recruiting or introductions. I like working with considerate people to solve problems. If that sounds like you, let’s talk shop sometime.

City of Roanoke. Photo © Chuck Borowicz.

Downtown Roanoke. Photo by yours truly.

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