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Chuck Borowicz


Unique & Clean Design

Ship, sense, respond, repeat. I optimize or roll back based on your feedback.


I've worked on large responsive design projects and have a wealth of knowledge to offer you.


I'll make sure your project passes the test and reaches a wider audience.


Working with me means you never wonder what I'm doing, when I'll deliver, or how the work gets done.

Community Talks

The Elements and Principles of Visual Design

The Elements And Principles Of Visual Design

How do you elaborate on, this looks bad? Regardless of your discipline, critiques can always be improved. Using a language built on the elements and principles of visual design gives you an advantage over the being subjective. Originally presented to Refresh DC, Washington DC.

Paradigm Rejection: A Visual Designer's Journey

Paradigm Rejection: A Visual Designer’s Journey

Responsive Web Design changed my approach to design. In this presentation I share how I evolved my process, adopted new practices like style tiles, and learned to appreciate the new norm. First given at Mobile UXCamp DC, Washington DC.

Raising Feedback

Raising Feedback

If you can’t sell your intent you can’t call yourself a designer. This talk focuses on how designers need to take responsibility for bad feedback. I provoke questions about how we cultivate feedback and ensure actionable feedback. I also cover my Seven Words to Design By to help your storytelling. First given at the Art Institute of Washington, Arlington, VA.